Celestial is a mobile game for Android and iOS that I worked on for several months in a team of four. I was the product lead and developed many features as well. The game was created using Unity game engine. Special thanks to everyone involved, (Jason Libbey, Cameron Luck, and Wicksell Metellus).

GIT MAD- Sports

Sports is an application which demonstrates how to do a breadth of Android programming topics. The Github page for this project can be found here.

Jetpack James

Jetpack James is a project that I directed for the video game development club at Georgia Tech. It uses XNA Game Studio and the Kinect SDK. The player can be controlled with either the Kinect or Keyboard. To download the installer, click here.

NASA- EVA Gloves

This project was created for my Mobile and Ubiquitious Computing class. We got to present our work to NASA at their Wearable Technology Symposium.

For this project, I helped prototype a wearable sensor payload for astronaut gloves. Our prototype used an Arduino Teensy, some Force Sensing resistors and a custom sewn glove. To demonstrate our proof of concept, we used Processing to graph the output from the sensors on the glove.

Here is a quick video of the prototype in action: