GitHub Codespaces are finally out of beta and I’m super excited to be able to try them out in my day to day workflow.

So far, being able to click on a repository, spin up a development environment and be able to start coding right away is pretty amazing.

I’ve been using the 13’ Macbook Pro as my daily driver for a while now and have been wanting to blog a bit about my experience with the device. Ironically, the program that I’ve struggled to run the most powers this very blog – jekyll.

It wasn’t until today, where I was bored on a Saturday morning during a holiday weekend that I decided to give Codespaces a try. After struggling for a while to get my Macbook to work with my blog, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Codespaces worked with one click and even included Jekyll installed by default! I’m not so sure how this happened, but I suspect it’s probably since Jekyll is a project that originated at Github.

Anyways, back to watching some college football! Can’t wait to post here later with some Codespaces shenanigans.